Out of Predictions:

You can’t say I didn’t try.
I’ll put her to sleep once again, then.


    A straight face. It’s her only face.


          Stop it.”

"Put some fun in your life, Dandi!" Skuld giggled as she wrapped her arms around her sister.

"We used to be best buddies, and now we are not, I wish you could tell me why!" her skills didn’t improve much.

"Love is an open door…!"

"Wouldn’t it be fantastic to simply sing the whole day about everything?"

Out of Predictions:

The other day I watched Frozen and I thought: Okay, Skuld is Anna.


"I can do a backflip! Do you want to see?" she said, already jumping on the railing. 

Out of Predictions:

The threads will be dropped. If you want to continue them, tell me!


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∞ Open to AUs and secondary verses

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My Mad Fat Diary Season 2 | Finn - Nico Mirallegro

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        “Guess who’s back after all the mess of Asgard, Malekith and all those deaths? Tadáaaa!”

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